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“forget you.”

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My readers first met Julissa Henley and Davin Osei in my first book, “Fortunate,” which was released back in 2017. Back then, Julissa was just Tremaine Henley’s little sister & Davin Osei was just his linebrother. But now, they’re on the verge of letting us all in on a little secret they’ve been keeping.

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I sat at the edge of the sofa to put as much space between me and Julissa as I could. Staying far away from her seemed like my best bet once I realized that I was more than willing to cast aside the fact that her brother was one of my closest friends. I didn’t have siblings, but this equation was not rocket science. Dicking down my homeboy’s little sister easily added up to drama. And the last thing I needed right now was drama. I had graduated college, like my parents wanted, and I was moving away at the end of the month to start my first job as an engineer. Right now, all that I could really do for Julissa was stretch her pussy out to the shape of my dick. And I should not. Not right now. I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t. I reminded myself, while she sat just arm’s length away from me. Quietly, Julissa thumbed through the pages in her LSAT workbook. Her bottom lip was tucked intently between her teeth and her foot tapped against the floor. I studied her from the corner of my eye, as she poured over those word problems. Change the channel to something interesting. I thought to myself with my hand on the remote. Maybe that would help me keep my mind off of how her neck was exposed. I wanted to take a bite. Every part of Julissa was suckable. Lickable. Eatable. Fuckable, over, and over, and… C’mon, bruh. I ran a hand down my face in frustration. I was torturing myself, but getting up from this sofa was out of the question. Julissa’s study session would be ending soon and so would my time with her. I needed to get as much of her as I could, so my body was planted right here on this couch. “Is anything else on?” I thought I heard myself say out loud, as I pressed buttons to keep my hands busy. But it wasn’t me who spoke. It was Julissa, and her hands were reaching for the remote. Her hand landed on mine and the softness of her palm sent a rush of wind through me. “My bad.” I intended to snatch my hand back, but it had a mind of its own and stayed there. “You’re good.” She laughed. “I guess we’re both tired of ‘Martin’ reruns.” “Yeah.” I took the risk of looking over at her and my heart dove deep into her dark brown eyes. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Julissa also seemed to be speechless because we sat there, staring at each other. I wondered what she was thinking, but I knew her thoughts couldn’t be nearly as nasty as mine. I wanted to grab her and sit her curves in my lap. And my face, then back on my lap again until we both fell asleep in exhaustion. “You okay?” She found some words to say to break the awkward silence. “Naw.” I couldn’t lie to her. “I’m uh, I’m trying to…” I floundered around like I was stuck in the deep end of a pool without the slightest idea of how to swim. Drowning. “Good, cause I’m not either.” She tossed the workbook aside. “I’m not in the mood to study.” “Oh, okay. Well then, what are you in the mood for?” I silently thanked God for the lifeline of casual conversation. “You hungry? I can,” but my sentence was cut short because she was moving closer. “No, I’m not hungry, Davin. I need to talk to you about these things I’ve been feeling…about you.” “About me?” “Yes, you.” Julissa smoothed her already smooth hair. “I’m attracted to you and it’s really making it hard for me to study over here. I don’t know how or when it happened, but hanging out over here all the time isn’t helping. So, thank you for letting me study over here. It’s been a big help, but I think I need to go back to the library.” “Stay.” I blurted out, as she stood up. “Please.” I mustered up my most earnest facial expression. “I like it when you’re here. I like you.” My feelings came tumbling out. Julissa broke the levee. After weeks of watching and wanting her, the moment I’d been waiting for was right in front of me. I had to grab it. I inched closer to test the waters and to my great surprise, she sat back down. “You like me, too?” A smile graced her lips and my chest grew tight. “Hell yeah…” I was feeling bold now. “and I want to kiss you, but I don’t wanna cross any lines. I know Tremaine would,” “Can we talk about my brother later?” She was pressed against me now. Her lips were incredibly soft, as they brushed against my cheek. I gently grabbed her chin and moved her mouth right to mine. “We don’t have to talk about him at all.” I pulled her sweetness to me and damn near swallowed Julissa whole. The kiss began slowly. I savored every bit of her honey taste then dared to dip my tongue in deeper for more. A tender sound of pleasure hummed through her, spurring me on. But greed took over, and soon she and I were battling for who could have the most of the other. Julissa let our bodies fall back onto the cushions and the feel of her beneath me was impossible to forget. She fit perfectly — her hips, her thighs, her chest against mine. The kissing continued, while we played with each other, softly laughing at the irony of it all. My hands traveled across her body then found their way beneath her clothes to the treasure of her luxurious skin. Usually, these moments called for music, but nothing could ever sound better than the coos of Julissa saying my name in that thick Southern accent that drove me wild. Before I knew it, our clothes were off. As much as I wanted to have her, I couldn’t help but stare in awe at her heavenly body. Supple in every place that she should be, Julissa felt like silk. I couldn’t stop rubbing, touching, kissing every bit of skin that I could see. I had to. “Davin…” She egged me on, but I wanted to take my time. I’d been waiting on this. Her legs hooked up around my waist, trying to push me closer. “You’re crazy if you think I’m not eating that pussy first.” I let my tongue slide down from her nipples to her belly button. She moaned a response, but I couldn’t tell you what she said. It didn’t matter. I’d fantasized about this pussy for weeks. I was determined to see her up close. I dropped lower and pinned her legs around my shoulders, just in case she got the notion to try and run from me. Face-to-face with what I longed for, I almost shed a tear at how her pretty pussy smiled and glistened back at me. My mouth watered at the sight of a tiny ring that clamped around her clit. “Well, well, well…” I went right for the target. “Fuck!” She screeched, raising her bottom off the couch, but my grip was stronger. “You stuck, huh?” I teased. “Can’t get away?” I flicked my tongue over the ring again, reveling in watching her body twitch. “You’re such an asshole.” She moaned through clenched teeth. “That’s next.” I let my eyes drop down lower to my next destination before sucking her clit into my mouth again. She jerked with enough force to break free, which only made me tighten my grasp. “Stop running, Julissa.” I forcefully squeezed the inside of her thighs. “It’s only going to make me eat it longer.” I licked between each word, while she panted and cried out. “You’re killing me.” She looked down at me between her legs with a pained yet pleasured expression that I could only respond to in one way. I glided my tongue lower and eased it into her opening, lapping up every bit of honey that I could find. A finger followed and then another, until she was cursing at me and begging for dick. Too bad I was still hungry. “I’m a grown man, Julissa. You gotta let a grown man eat.” I kept going, intending to drive her out of her mind. Orgasm after orgasm clenched and splashed all over my face, while she screamed and scratched at me. “Davin Osei, I hate you, I hate you, I fuckin hate you!” Julissa’s legs flailed until they finally went limp and fell wide open for me. “Uh huh.” I kissed my way back to her lips. “You hate me?” I waited until her eyes fluttered back open then stood up to grab a condom. I came back to the couch and found her still laying there in a daze. “You hate me, Julissa?” I easily picked her up and placed her on my face, while my dick stood at full attention. She nodded incoherently then screamed my name at the top of her lungs, while my tongue dug its way back inside of her. “I’ll stop if you want me to.” I mumbled beneath her. Her hips caught my rhythm and began to grind on me. “Shut up.” She started to grind harder, which made me laugh. “Naw, you said you hate me.” I lifted her up to look in her eyes. “I want you to love me.” Julissa stared at me searchingly. “Do you mean that?” “Hell yeah.” I wasn’t playing, which even shocked me. “I wouldn’t do this or say this if I didn’t. So, do you hate me or do you love me? You gotta love me to get dick. It ain’t free.” We both laughed, her body still suspended in the air, and got damn, I admired her artistry. “Fine, fine!” She gave in then anxiously pushed her pussy back into my mouth. “I love you, Davin.” I smacked her ass and then grabbed a handful before I put on the condom. “I love you, too.” I lifted her up then eased her body on top of me. Her eyes rolled back and admittedly, mine did too. Who knew pussy could be so tight, warm, and soaking wet. “Got dammit, Julissa.” I grabbed her neck and forced her lips to mine. “I love you, too and this pussy is mine.”

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