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happy #BLKIndieAuthorsDay 2023, y’all

Black Independent Authors Day is a day to celebrate the work, writing, wisdom, & words of the Black independent authors who make the world go round ✊🏾

I haven't been writing.

that's a wild thing to say, I mean, type on a day to celebrate authors. Cause ain't we sposed to be writing?

Word count goals. Deadlines.

THAT takes writing. Typing...something.

But I've just been chillin, hard. AF. Living life and soaking up the sun as much as I can. I have done some very dope #bookrelated stuff in the mean time, in between time.

I published "melody" in paperback (available here) & am editing the Forde series to get those out in paperback, too. I also did a really fun interview for the "Get Caught Up Author Podcast" (listen here).


But that's about it. No book events & I could probably market my books more.

Yes, I can fit that in...right after I get off air or am not doing something #musicrelated cause I have a whole radio show.

The #QUEENSPACE👑 -- where perfect verses & tight beats reign supreme --👑 -- where perfect verses & tight beats reign supreme --

airs every Friday from 4-7PM EST.

Or maybe I could get up earlier & do it before I send all of these emails. All. Of. These. EMAILS. Between shooting content (I'm still struggling with this word, but I digress...) maybe?

Managing social media, between workouts, prayer...eating, sleep?

Cause that's what be going on when you're independent. When you're the everything.

& that's why I started this post by saying my statement was wild.

Because Black Indies (someone called us Blindies & I love that) are always working on something related to the industry. To-do lists be long as hell.

Today, chile...I worked on me. I took pictures of beautiful flowers. Drank some cab sauv, ate grapes & cheese. Soon, I'll be sharing more about my love affair with wine & my journey to become a sommelier.

Soon, I'll also be writing again. I've got a short story to finish & a new series to circle back to. Until then, catch up by reading the "Forde Family Series."

Get to know the siblings of this dynamic, powerhouse family through their love journeys with themselves & others.

My books are about true love because I believe in it. I write it in Black.

Or read one of the many dope #BlackIndie authors that I get to call community. & honestly, what's the worst that could happen by me posting this "late" anyways?!

I'll just keep celebrating 🥂

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